Enhancing your vision

For people with low vision and partial sight, our smart glasses can help you gain independence.

We are now inviting people with tunnel vision to be the first to experience our glasses.
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Improving Quality of Life

OxSight is a University of Oxford venture that uses the latest smart glasses to improve sight for blind and partially sighted people. OxSight’s aim is to develop sight enhancing technologies to improve the quality of life for blind and partially sighted people around the world. Our current commercial products can enhance vision for people affected by conditions like glaucoma, diabetes and retinitis pigmentosa as well as some other degenerative eye diseases.


It’s a bit more appetising when you can see what you are eating. With the glasses on I knew what was on my plate

James. Aged 70. Registered blind

The glasses improved distance and clarity. I told my son, it’s about time you had a shave!

Tanya. Aged 55. Registered blind

I can recognise faces which I couldn’t before

John. Aged 88. Registered blind
Oxsight image

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